Q & A with Emily Ladau

Blog site:  WordsIWheelBy.com

How long have you been blogging?Emily Ladau

I’ve been blogging for just over a year and it’s been such an adventure! (Blog post: 5 Lessons I Learned From My 1st Year of Blogging)

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Passionate, persistent, dedicated

Your favorite blog to visit?

I absolutely love reading about the Smith family and their adorable son Simeon, who has spina bifida, at What Do You Do, Dear?

Last book you read?

Don’t Call Me Inspirational by Harilyn Rousso. I related to it so much and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Gadget/“trick” you use that makes life in a wheelchair a little easier?

I learned from my mom to use kitchen tongs when I need a quick, easy way to pick things up from the floor. (Blog post: Amazing Adaptive Uses of Kitchen Tongs and Ottomans)

Favorite topic to write about?

It’s extremely important to me to write openly and honestly about my identity and body image issues, because I believe we all need to work to overcome negative perceptions and love ourselves exactly as we are.

(Blog post: Reflecting on College and My Commitment to My Disabled Identity)

Emily, finish these sentences:

If no one read my blog I would… continue writing and work even harder to share my advocacy work. Never give up on a passion! (Blog post: 4 Lessons Peacocks Can Teach Us About Advocacy)

Visit my blog if you… are disabled and are hoping to find someone you can relate to, if you are working on finding your voice for advocacy, or if you don’t identify as disabled but want to understand the experience of having a disability in more positive, accepting, and supportive ways.

I would be very rich if I had a dime for every time someone asked me… if I have a license for my driving my wheelchair, or any other wheelchair jokes. I’ve heard them all before, and they just aren’t amusing.

I get happy when I… have opportunities to connect with amazing advocates in the disability community. The work that others do is what motivates me to keep going each day.

Q & A with Blogger Priscilla Hedlin

Blog site:  WheelchairMommy.com

How long have you been blogging? I started blogging before it was blogging. I had my first website in 1999 on a geocities site.

Describe yourself in 3 words. Devoted, resourceful and passionatePriscilla Hedlin - Interview

First thing you do when you wake up? Drink coffee and check my email.

Last thing you do before you go to bed? I kiss my husband, you should ALWAYS kiss goodnight!

Last book you read? Somewhere with You by Britney King.

Finish these sentences:

In the next 10 years I really hope… to see my boys growing into amazing young men and to be successful in my speaking goals.

If no one read my blog I would…be sad. I am thrilled when someone says it has inspired them but it’s for me too, so I wouldn’t stop! 

Visit my blog if you….want to see how I can take care of 3 boys sitting on my butt all day.

I would be very rich if I had a dime for every time someone asked me…to stop speeding in that thing.

I get happy when I….see my boys succeed and reach their goals.

Q & A with Jamie Goodwin

Blogging via Facebook.com/Wheelin’ Weightloss

Why did you start blogging?

I started writing and sharing my story to inspire others to lose weight and to have accountability partners in return.

Jamie Goodwin - Interviwe

If you could give your page a permanent hashtag what would it be?


Gadget/”trick” you use that makes life in a wheelchair a little easier?

Ask for help. People are always willing to help.

What would your followers be surprised to learn about you?

I grew up on a farm and milked goats until I was 12 years old.

Finish these sentences:

I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me ten years ago that…. I would be the mom of 3 boys and a pastor’s wife!

In the next 10 years I really hope… To have reached my goal weight (45 more pounds to go) and to have written a book.

If no one read my blog/posts I would… keep posting! Seeing my progress and setbacks always help when you are on a weight loss journey like this.

Visit my blog/page if you….want to be inspired to lose weight and get healthy!

I get happy when I… go camping with my husband and 3 boys!

ROHO Elite Interview: John McRoberts

John McRoberts - Elite LiveRoho
Meet John McRoberts, a medal-winning Paralympic Sailor for Canada.  John splits time between Victoria, British Columbia and St. Petersburg, FL.  Always an active person, John participated in everything from wheelchair rugby to racing before finally settling on sailing. To John sailing has longevity, “Other sports have a shelf life because of your age. Sailing can be done until the day I die.”

Disability or Age Doesn’t Matter

Unlike other sports that require being able to move a wheelchair around aggressively or upper-body strength, John points out that with sailing disability or age doesn’t matter, it’s mentality. “The beauty of sailing is that you can compete with a high level disability. Anybody can do this. [On the water] it’s about being faster and smarter – it doesn’t matter about the chair. I get to leave my chair behind. It’s really good mentally to be free from it, you know?”


As part of John’s training he spends time both on the water and in the gym. Four days a week he spends 3 hours on the water practicing. At the gym John is stretching and working with a trainer on machines.

Paralympic Sports

We asked John if he weren’t sailing, what Paralympic sport would he want to compete in? “Rugby. I played when I was younger but since then the chairs have evolved; the whole sport has evolved. Rugby is the ticket everyone wants at the games.”

Security is Peace of Mind

John is equipped with a ROHO cushion both in his chair and on his boat. “You can be as talented and adventurous as you want but if your health isn’t good you can’t do anything. Sitting on a ROHO is a huge peace of mind. I know I’m going to be fine. It allows me to check off one of those precautionary things that I have to worry about each day. It’s my security blanket. “

The Future

After meeting his wife Jackie sailing, they got married in 2010.  Jackie also enjoys staying active and is John’s sailing partner.  Together they are committed to going to the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Best of luck!

To see more ROHO Elite members ROHO Community!

Legendary Pressure Relief

Lylah Bradford

I have tried a lot of different cushions in my time as a wheelchair user. Nothing compares to ROHO. They are lightweight, have excellent air circulation, and of course there is the legendary pressure relief. What I really like is that ROHO products are completely and continuously adjustable. I don’t even have to get out of my chair to make an adjustment! I just add or release air, and the ISOFLO valve locks each quadrant in perfect balance. It takes a lot to keep me comfortable — I have hypersensitivity and I sit for about 16 hours per day, ROHO is the perfect fit for me.

— Lylah Bradford


Brent Poppen

Meet Brent Poppen of Paso Robles, CA, an avid tennis and rugby player who has been a top athlete traveling and representing our country around the world. Brent is a 2008 World Team Cup Member for Tennis, 2008 Australian Open Semi-Finalist and is on the US Paralympic Tennis Team and will complete in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. When he’s not participating in sports, Brent is a substitute teacher for a middle school in Paso Robles, Public Speaker and an Organizer and Instructor of disabled youth sports camps. Brent has enthusiasm for public speaking and hopes to help inspire the lives of others. During training and competition, Brent has found that ROHO products not only hold up the best under the pressure he puts them through but more importantly provides comfort.

Five Minutes or Five Hours

Greg Hasterok

ROHO’s products and quality far surpass all the other brands and ROHO cushions are the only ones that can handle my active lifestyle while providing me with security and comfort I need to avoid skin breakdown. I have one for every one of my sports chairs, which allows me to focus solely on that break point opportunity in tennis or scoring the last goal in rugby with the knowledge that, whether I have been in my chair for 5 minutes or for 5 hours, I can go as long as I need because I have a ROHO under me, which means I have all of ROHO behind me, keepin me safe.

—Greg Hasterok

Important Skin Protection Tips for Wheelers

Skin. It is the largest organ in the human body and also our first line of defense against disease.  Yet it is all too easy to take for granted, especially areas of the skin that we can’t feel.  For a wheeler that hasn’t had any skin issues it’s easy to become complacent about skin protection.
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