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6 Resources For Understanding U.S. Health Reform

I recently went to a luncheon that discussed the basics of the US Health Care Reform. I found out that even though it was blasted all over the media, I knew very little, and almost nothing regarding how it would affect me.

I knew that the bill would require most U.S. citizens to have health insurance (beginning in 2014) and provide more affordable health insurance options. I knew that there were incentives for businesses to offer health insurance to their employees. I knew that the bill imposed regulations to prevent health insurers from denying coverage to people for any reason, including a pre-existing condition. That is about I all knew.

One of the biggest changes is that the new reform hopes to saves costs by changing the mentality and coverage from “fix it after the fact” to “preventive care methods.” For example, no coinsurance or deductibles will be charged for preventive services for Medicare recipients. Medicare will also cover a free annual comprehensive wellness visit and personalized prevention plan.

If you’re like me here are a few resources that might help navigate through reform changes and your coverage.